Light of the World Ministries

Sunday School and Youth

Head: Sr Clémentine Mama Mapasa (ECODIM)

Br Fredy Kaka, Sr Jinette, Sr Sandra, Sr Mireille

Head: Sr Michelle Kabala (Youth Ministry)

Br Fady(Deputy)

Sr Gisele (Deputy)



  • To provide spiritual support to children aged 5 to +/- 13 years
  • To recruit and train ECODIM teachers, and supervise their activities
  • To prepare teachings appropriate to children’s age and an annual programme of activities
  • To take care of the children whilst their parents are in church or are attending events organized by the Church
  • To keep the children’s register up-to-date for all the children who are members of the Church
  • To organise children’s day (Sunday before Christmas) and, if need be, organize educational outings
  • To pay visits to sick children
  • To work with the Youth Ministry for the transition of the children from childhood to the youth.



  • To provide spiritual support to children aged 13/14 to 25 years
  • To keep up-to-date a register of all the youth of the church
  • To prepare teachings and exhortations appropriate to their age.
  • To set up and deliver activities suitable for the youth, such as: Evangelical Scouts (“Claires Flammes”), team games, holiday camps, youth camps, etc.
  • To provide the link between the Church and the families
  • To take part in children’s day organized by ECODIM
  • To coordinate the transition of the youth to adulthood (for men and women, accordingly).

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